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"The world turns on, but this CD leaves a lasting impression" (Het Parool)
CD Oceanchild Very Well Received
Almere (NL), Tue, 4. Mar 2008In 'Het Parool' of November 20th 2007 Muso's new CD 'Oceanchild' is welcomed by critic Saskia Törnquist.
A video illustrates the coming-to-be of the cooperation with Ray Jin.

"While the world in its madness is turning on and on, fortunately there are some people who may pause a while upon something," writes Saskia Törnquist in Het Parool of 20 November 2007. "Such a man is Muso (Frans Moussault), bass clarinet player, educated at the Amsterdam Conservatory. He names himself after the Japanese Zen-master Muso Kokushi who pleaded for the highest form of refinement and concentration in art. Muso translates the old Zen-vision into extremely refined notes on his bass clarinet. He needs only a few of these to completely hypnotize his audience.
For his compositions Muso partly draws from the age-old tradition of Japanese shakuhachi music. This instrument, a bamboo flute with a rich sound spectrum, is a favourite help at meditation with Zen-masters. Muso uses his bass clarinet as a shakuhachi: With slowly emerging and fading notes he draws attention to the deep silence out of which sound is born.
Muso has found a kindred soul in the Japanese shakuhachi player Ray Jin. On a few tracks together they perform an impalpable play with silence and gradually reveal the whole spectrum of tone-colours of their instrument.
The world turns on, but this CD leaves a lasting impression."

How to build a musical bridge between East and West?
On Muso's CD 'Oceanchild' one can hear the result. On the video 'The making of Oceanchild' in which the process of the special cooperation between Ray Jin and Muso is shown in three phases a corner of the veil is lifted. During almost 14 minutes we attend the rehearsal, the concert in the Dutch Zen-temple 'Suiren-Ji' and the recording at the Bloomline Studio.
The voice-over is spoken by Muso.
To see the video click on 'Links' at the top of the page.

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