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'Erasmus Trio excels in colour, phrasing and finishing'
Critical Acclaim for Ems Concert
Almere (NL), Mon, 25. Mar 2013In De Noordoostpolder of March 17, 2013 Wouter Ruifrok characterizes the concert of the Erasmus Trio in the church of Ems as a worthy conclusion of the season's concert series.

“The Erasmus Trio is primary focused on the music itself and has an great ability to strike the right note, be it in the quiet atmosphere of Bloch's Nocturnes, in the carelesness of young Mozart or the romanticism of Bruch,” wrights Wouter Ruifrok in De Noordoostpolder of March 17, 2013. “Thomas Herrmann is versatile, at one time giving structure and direction to the music, at another time being subservient and mainly adding colour. Xiaojia Xu has a warm and compelling sound with a beautifully timed vibrato and she often sets the tone. Vera Laporeva has an excellent sense of melody with a great power of persuasion. The highlight of the evening was Max Bruch's Nachtgesang with its quiet melody that was broadened and extended. The role of the cello in the Rumänische Melodie was very moving. Merry and catching, evidently full of joy over the motion was Mozart's Divertimento, yet always careful in structure and phrasing. In the Nocturnes by Ernest Bloch, just like in the three pieces by Bruch, the most striking feature was the concentration in the minimal and the quiet that are so distinctive of the Trio. With this plea for musicality and professional skill the concert by the Erasmus Trio was a worthy conclusion of this season's concert series.”

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