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  • By buying at our store, you support the artist directly.
    Artists do generally not make much, if any profit on their CD-productions. By buying from Bloomline.Net, you give them a better return on their investment, so they can record more music.
  • Your data is protected.
    All your personal data is transmitted over a secure (SSL-) connection, and protected by a password of your own choice. We do not supply information to third parties.
  • Delivery is guaranteed.
    The responsibiliby is ours - if your order does not arrive in perfect condition, we will replace it.
  • Quality is guaranteed.
    If you discover a defect within 8 days after delivery, we will either take your order back or replace it.
  • 8-day return policy.
    You may return any unopened goods within 8 days after receipt. We refund net prices, not shipping costs.

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