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Touring The Netherlands
Sixteen Fado Concerts in Holland
Amsterdam, Wed, 12. Mar 2008In March 2008, Cristina Branco will tour The Netherlands with concerts in 16 different places

Halfway through the nineties, several young Portuguese musicians found a new means of expression in the fado which contributed to a surprising renaissance. Just as they did, Cristina Branco began to make clear choices in which respect for the tradition went hand in hand with the desire for renewal. She is developing her own style from a number of primary components. She employs a traditional group (voice, Portuguese guitar, guitar and bass guitar) and offers us concurrently a light, warm and experienced voice. She mixes the traditional fado with themes and folk songs that are personal favourites and seems always to choose the words of the best Portuguese poets with discretion.
In March 2008 she will tour The Netherlands. For a list of venues see www.melomusic.nl.

Ulisses, Branco's New Tour and CD
Amsterdam, Thu, 11. Nov 2004This November, January and May Cristina Branco will tour The Netherlands with her new programme 'Ulisses', "once more an appointment with love."

For practically everyone, Ulysses symbolizes the power to conquer all setbacks and return home safely after seemingly endless journeys.

In choosing the name of this mythic figure for her tour, Cristina Branco is naturally referring to her own journeys all over the world. But she is also answering the question posed by many critics as to how her music should be defined.
Cristina Branco: "What I do cannot be pigeon-holed. It is my music and that's what I'm calling it for the time being. Like many forms of urban music, fado is unfathomable".

During this tour, Cristina Branco will be presenting a different sort of programme once again. Don't be surprised if she suddenly starts singing in English, French or Spanish, because, like the Greek hero, Cristina Branco's tour of the world includes "literary islands" like Joni Mitchell's America, Paul Elouard's France, Pablo Neruda's Chile and William Shakespeare's United Kingdom.
To cite a Portuguese critic:
"...Is it fado, is it not fado,
what does it matter when it's Cristina Branco?"

Ulysses will probably also be the title of Cristina Branco's new album that she describes as follows: "It is a meeting of Titans... it is once more an appointment with love, this time a love that is satisfied and self-assured... a love enlarged! It is freedom too, freedom to choose your own journey after you have conquered many setbacks".

On this tour, Cristina Branco will be accompanied by:
Custódio Castelo, Portuguese guitar
Alexandre Silva, acoustic guitar
Ricardo Dias, piano
Fernando Maia, acoustic bass guitar

Sensual ballads with texts by Portuguese poets and William Shakespeare
SENSUS, Branco's New Tour and CD
, Mon, 24. Feb 2003During her tour in 2003 Cristina Branco will sing a selection of ballads with erotic texts by modern Portuguese poets as well as by Camões and Shakespeare, thus presenting a general survey of how the perception of love and sexuality developed throughout the ages. Fourteen of these ballads will be recorded on the CD of the same name.

SENSUS is the title of the new tour (and CD of the same name) of Cristina Branco, by which she is proving again that she is constantly renewing herself. Her starting point this time is erotic poetry, chosen from modern Portuguese poets such as Pedro Homem de Mello, Maria Teresa Horta and Vinícius de Moraes as well as from 16th century poets like Luís Vaz de Camões and William Shakespeare, whose sonnets have recently been published in an excellent Portuguese translation and are sung in Portuguese here for the first time. As usual, the lyrics were set to music by guitar-player Custódio Castelo.
The result is impressive: fourteen sensual, easily accessible ballads with beautiful texts in which poets show their hidden sides. SENSUS is a unique album for Cristina Branco lovers and fans. It makes a valuable contribution to the development and progress of modern Portuguese music.

As Cristina says on SENSUS: "Some people will be shocked by the erotic subject matter of the new album, since it is not usual to explicitly sing the praises of physical love. Yet what I do is more than that: SENSUS presents a general survey of how people have looked at love and sexuality, from the 16th century to this day. I hope SENSUS will appeal to everyone who is on the look-out for the authenticity of physical thinking, freed of the galling bonds society has so often imposed on us."

Cristina Branco, singer
Custódio Castelo, Portuguese guitar
Alexandre Silva, acoustic guitar
Fernando Maia, acoustic bass guitar

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