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New programme for the coming season
In commemoration of Scriabin
Amsterdam, Sun, 10. Nov 2013For the season 2014-15 Marietta has composed a special programme with Preludes by Chopin and Scriabin.

For the season 2014/15 Marietta Petkova has something special to offer. In commemoration of the anniversary of Alexander Scriabin's death in april 2015 she composed a programme with his 24 Preludes Op 11, alongside with the 24 Preludes Op 28 by Frédéric Chopin. Scriabin's early works are strongly influenced by Chopin, but later on he broke new ground and his compositions became visionary and mystic and harmonically bolder. The composer's ideas may certainly appeal to a broader and younger public; take e.g. themes like eroticism, ecstasy, sensivity, colouring and spirituality. The programme will be completed with shorter works by Chopin and Scriabin, among them the spectacular Poème Op 72 'Vers la flamme', for a video of which see http://hbartistmanagement.com/?page_id=350.
Apart from this special item there is a lot of other programmes to choose, with works by Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Schumann, Prokoviev and others.

Marietta also forms a duo with violinist Vesko Eschkenazy. Critics characterize them as 'an ideal musical duo, playing with enormous individual intensity, yet at the same time clearly enjoying their playing together.' There are two programmes to choose from, the first one with music by Isaÿe, Mozart, Debussy, Prokoviev and Brahms, the other one with works by Beethoven and Debussy, completed with Brahms' Trio in Es for horn violin and piano, with the assistance of Laurens Woudenberg, the new first horn of the Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Through the agency of Brinks Artists Management Marietta can also be booked as soloist with the Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, with piano concertos by Mozart and Chopin.

Review of outstanding concert in Vlissingen
A Perfect Match
Amsterdam, Tue, 2. Apr 2013In the Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant of February 25th 2013 reviewer Jeanette Vergouwen highly esteems the performance by pianist Marietta Petkova and violinist Vesko Eschkenazy.

“Marietta Petkova and Vesko Eschkenazy form an ideal musical duo, playing with enormous intensity, yet at the same time clearly enjoying their playing together,” writes Jeanette Vergouwen in Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant on a concert on February 24th 2013 in Vlissingen's St. Jacobskerk. “Listening to these two musicians is an immense joy. Mozart's Sonata in E minor KV 304 may have sounded a bit monotonous, but Debussy's Sonata in G major got an impressive execution, with a tormented Coda of the Allegro and a second movement that sounded nicely Spanish and got just the right verve.
After the interval Marietta performed an ample selection of Prokoviev's Visions Fugitives, small miniatures with a wide range of emotions, all performed in exactly the right mood and with immaculate technique. The final piece of the concert, Brahms' Sonata in D minor, a rich composition with a diversity of themes, got a performance of the highest level. The violinist excelled and the dialogue between the two players was perfect. It was not only musical firework display, the performance was really deeply moving.”
The concert's recording can be listened to on https://www.facebook.com/photo.phpv=487442527983088&set=vb.100001520358657&type=2&theater.

More news about Marietta Petkova:

- Magazine Klassieke Zaken nr. 33, 2 of April 2013 presents a cover story on Marietta Petkova, in which among other she explains her preference for live recordings. “I don't want to make a recording knitted together with a thousand snips, there is absolutely no life in that. I want to find the emotions and intentions of the composer when he put his composition on paper.”

- In Magazine Luister Marietta's new live-CD of the famous Sonata by Franz Liszt was rewarded with five stars. 'With an inextinguishable inner fire sorcery as well as poetry find their way under Petkova's nimble fingers. In addition, the articulation is transparent, the timing subtle and the architectonic view convincing.”

Brilliant performance by Marietta Petkova reviewed in Leidsch Dagblad
'Enchanting Story Teller at the Piano'
Amsterdam, Thu, 7. Feb 2013In a review in Leidsch Dagblad of December 31, 2012 Marietta's playing is highly praised for her original approach to music and enchanting way of piano playing.

“Marietta Petkova is a musical fairy tale teller who bends the stories to her own will,” writes Lidy van der Spek in Leidsch Dagblad of December 31, 2012. “She uses her very personal approach to let the listener get lost as it were in a very well-known musical landscape and open new horizons for him, which sometimes leads to an alienating effect. In Beethoven's Appassionata the changes of tempo and continuous musical fluctuations caused a certain restlessness, especially in the second movement; but at the end of the third movement her playing was flamboyant and compelling.
The Deux hommages to Sherlock Holmes and Philo Remington by Dutch composer Leo Smit, by their catching rhythmic energy, French-inspired agility and swift staccato notes make these pieces into witty programme music that got an elegant and flawless performance.
Matchlessly imaginative and volatile was Petkova's rendering of five out of the eight Études tableaux by Rachmaninov, wherein each piece got its own particular atmosphere. Likewise was her performance of Prokofiev's Visions fugitives in which pastoral quietude, unbearable lightness, pungent rhythms and intoxicating contrasts alternated.
Finally in her performance of two pieces of a Bach Partita Marietta Petkova showed herself a true master.”

For a video interview with Marietta Petkova go to https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=458678377526170&set=vb.100001520358657&type=2&theater

Extensive interview in 'Luister Magazine' illustrates the special position of Marietta Petkova in the international world of music.
Presentation of new CD's in Almere
Amsterdam, Thu, 8. Nov 2012On Thursday October 25th 2 new CD's with live recordings made in 2012 in Rotterdam and Almere were presented at the Schouwburg Almere. Recently interviews with Marietta were published in Luister and Lifestyle Magazines.

On Thursday October 25th two new CD's by Marietta Petkova were presented at the Schouwburg in Almere: 2012 LIVE and SONATA, live recordings made earlier this year at De Doelen in Rotterdam and the Schouwburg in Almere, with compositions by Rachmaninov (Études tableaux), Scriabin (Poèmes and Études), Prokovief (Visions fugitives), Liszt (Grande Sonate) and others.
Listen to some fragments via www.mariettapetkova.com/frameset-discografie-nl.htm.

In an interview with Arjan Peters in the Volkskrant, Marietta once said on Prokovief's Visions fugitives: “The music is a dreamlike journey. Such a frugality in means, without mighty gestures or exaggerated emotions. The composer is a true poet.”
And in an interview in Lifestyle Magazine she declared: “It makes no difference to me whether I play at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, at a small church or simply at home: Inside I always feel the same. Open, without any defense, I give myself completely. That makes me vulnerable, yes. But I have learned to make this very vulnerability my strength.”

“Marietta Petkova's playing has just that extra that raises any score into an unique experience,” writes Paul Janssen in Music Magazine 'Luister' of October/November 2012. “Her concerts are events of utmost concentration, meditation, a shared longing. No empty virtuosity, but a kind of playing that transforms the notes into a personal history. As if the composer takes the musician completely into his confidence for a while and exposes his soul. [....] Marietta lets the happy audience participate in a personal quest, a personal emotion, a personal vision, with the result that after the concert everyone returns home richer, happier and full of joy.”

On Sunday November 18th between 10 and 11 a.m. Marietta will be guest and play live during the AVRO-programme 'Spiegelzaal' on radio 4.

Other articles
On December 29, 2011 the poetic piano playing of Marietta Petkova made a deep impression on reviewer Tjako Fennema.
In NRC Handelsblad of February 12, 2010 critic Wenneke Savenije is highly enthousiastic about Marietta Petkova's new CD 'Affettuoso'.

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