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Peter Jan Wagenmaker recreates the notes and visions of abbess Hildegard von Bingen
The Heavenly Garden
Amsterdam, Mon, 9. Apr 2007After finishing his already famous opera 'Legende' composer Peter Jan Wagenmaker goes back to the pure sounds of Hildegard von Bingen. NBE featuring the female voices of Cappella Amsterdam.

After finishing work on his already applauded opera 'Legende' - the crown on a great oeuvre - composer Peter Jan Wagemans felt an urge to go back to the source. He wanted to reinvent sound. The NBE's invitation to together think up a new programme in which anything goes couldn't have come at a better time.
Wagemans went back to the 11th century, to the pure sounds of composing abbess Hildegard von Bingen who not only wrote down her music, but also her visions. He detached her notes from any religious tradition and adapted them for the female - intentionally not male - voices of Cappella Amsterdam.and the musicians of the NBE.
And Hildegard's visions? Peter Jan Wagemans has let himself be intoxicated by them, but in this programme he tells them slightly different from what the pious abbess had meant them to be.

The Half Hour
The concerts in Leeuwarden, The Hague and Utrecht start an hour earlier than as usual. In those cities secondary school students together with musicians of the NBE have worked on The Half Hour, a show of their own in which they present their particular interpretation of The Heavenly Garden. The programme will be presented as the first part of the NBE programme.
For further information see www.nbe.nl.

NBE introduces Icelandic music and musicians
Ice and Fire
Amsterdam, Sun, 25. Feb 2007This March the NBE will give two concerts presenting a choral society and a composer from Iceland.

How is it possible that Iceland, an almost impossible place to live in, with glaciers and geysers but no trees, plays such an important role in the international musical life?
According to Björck the reason is that Iceland for centuries did not have any composer to speak of, so that in the 20th century they could start from scratch.
The NBE made an inquiry of their own and for this programme came back with some very special Icelanders: Askell Masson, winner of the Iceland Music Reward 2006, and the choral ensemble 'Voces Thules' (Voices of Thyle) who will serve as a guide in an old world where the Ancient Epic 'Edda' is still a main source of inspiration.

Embarking on a new voyage of discovery
Gambist Jordi Savall Playing with NBE
Amsterdam, Sun, 4. Feb 2007From 11 to 15 February 2007 the NBE wiil give five concerts with the famous viola da gamba player Jordi Savall.

With his ensemble Hesperion XXI, his orchestra 'Le Concert des Nations' and his 'Capella Real de Catalunya' the famed Spanish gambist Jordi Savall has made countless journeys into the most far-off corners of ancient music.
Now with the NBE he sets off on new expedition. Along the the way old friends from several parts of the Mediterranean will join the touring party, musical gipsies, musicians with no fixed abode. They sing or play exotical instruments like the ud, the santur or the floghera.
Adventure beckons - route and destination unknown!

A new programme by the NBE
"Desperate Love"
Amsterdam, Wed, 10. Jan 2007In the second half of January 2007 the NBE will perform a programme with romantic music by Wagner (Wesendonck Lieder), Liszt and Schönberg (Verklärte Nacht).

After the excitement of the 2007 New Year's Concert the NBE now follows quite another path with their new programme "Desperate Love", with music by Wagner, Schönberg and Liszt.
Richard Wagner dedicated his passionate Wesendonck Lieder to Mathilde Wesendonck, wife of a wealthy silk merchant who was his Maecenas. Arnold Schönberg's "Verklärte Nacht" was inspired by a romantic poem by Richard Dehmel about a moonlit walk by a man and a woman who is carrying the child of another.
Music about desperate love from the Late Romantic Period in new transcriptions by someone who knows the sound and tone-colours of the Ensemble best: Composer Geert van Keulen. The songs will be performed by mezzo-soprano Margriet van Reisen.

17 January 2007 Arnhem; 20 January Den Haag; 21 January Amsterdam (sold out).

Other articles
On 1 January 2007 the traditional NBE New Year's Concert will take place at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw under the title of 'Paradise'.
On Sunday 12 November the invaluable oboe of Bart Schneemann was stolen out of his car while he was waiting before the traffic lights in Amsterdam.
In the first days of November some 70 young composers are performing their own works during the preliminaries for the annual Young Composers Contest of NBE and VARA.
This November the NBE will perform a contemporary version of Mozart's Così fan tutte at eight different venues in The Netherlands.
In the first two weeks of July the NBE was in Sarajevo to give concerts and masterclasses, as part of a project to support the musical education at the city's conservatory.
This year again NBE and VARA are organizing a composition contest for young people, leading to a performance at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw on 1 January 2007. This year's theme is 'Paradise'.
Last Wednesday 14 June 2006, after a performance by the African band 'The Revival Okapi' general manager of COA Nurten Albayrak presented the CD/DVD 'Papa's' to minister Rita Verdonk.
Last year's programme of music by Turkish-American composer Kamran Ince with singer Aynur has recently appeared on CD.
Between april 21 and 27 the NBE will perform 'Die Sieben Todsünden' by Brecht and Weil in cooperation with Dutch singers, composers, poets and students from secondary schools.
The live registration of NBE's New Year's concert 2006 is now available on CD-DVD.
This March the NBE will repeat their semi-scenic programme around Mozart's 'Gran Partita' in several cities in the Netherlands.
At the beginning of March the NBE will give three concerts with Finnish music, ranging from the Middle Ages to the future, together with two Finnish soloists.
In January and February 2006 the NBE will enact a semi-scenic version of Mozart's 'Zauberflöte' at a number of theatres in Germany and The Netherlands.
During sparkling concerts in four cities in the Netherlands the NBE will choose eight compositions submitted by young composers to compete in the finals in Utrecht.
At the end of November 2005 the NBE will bring a series of 5 concerts with piano works by the famed eccentric Erik Satie arranged by well-known Dutch composers.
On October 12th and 13th 2005 the NBE will play a programme with Alfredo Marcucci and other guests in various combinations.
Live registration of New Year's Concert 2005 by The Nederlands Blazers Ensemble at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw now on CD and DVD
In "Schumann's Diaries" the NBE shows the tragic later years of Robert Schumann who ended up in an asylum. Bart Schneemann tells the story, the NBE illustrates with arrangements by Otto Ketting.

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