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Xiaojia Xu, cellist
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Concert in Dordrecht by the duo Boschmann-Xu
European and Chinese Music
Hilversum (NL), Tue, 15. Apr 2008On April 19th 2008 cellist Xiaojia Xu and pianist Caecilia Boschman will give a recital with a mixed European-Chinese programme at 't Hof in Dordrecht.

On Saturday April 19th 2008 Xiaojia Xu together with pianist Caecilia Boschman will give a recital with a mixed European-Chinese programme at 't Hof in Dordrecht. Before the interval the duo will perform Beethoven's 7 Variations in E flat major, the Cello Sonata by Debussy and Schumann's Fantasiestücke. After the interval they will play works by Chinese composers based on folk music from several different regions in China, compositions that only seldomly can be heard in European concert halls. A number of these were played before by the duo at recitals in Amsterdam, Dordrecht and Ridderkerk and were very well received by the audience.

Surprising repertoire handsomely played and handsomely packed
Musical Gems: A new CD
Hilversum (NL), Thu, 6. Mar 2008The new CD 'Musical gems' by the Erasmus Trio (with Xiaojia Xu as a cellist) with compositions by Glinka, Godard, Xu and Tchaikovsky is a real little treasure of unknown or almost unknown repertoire.

The Erasmus Trio (Thomas Herrmann - piano, Vera Laporeva - violin, Xiaojia Xu - cello) has recently released a charming CD entitled 'Musical Gems'.
The first of these gems is the enchanting, but seldomly performed 'Three Russian Songs' for Piano Trio by Michael Glinka. Next comes the charming Mignonette by French composer Benjamin Godard, followed by a melodious and surprising arrangement of a Chinese song (Pastorale) by cellist Xiaojia Xu. The disc is concluded by two movements from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker played in an arrangement specially made for the Erasmus Trio by George Sosnovsky, none of which was earlier released on CD.

The small CD is handsomely packed in an exclusive little box covered and lined with black natural silk with silver imprint. It was sold like hot cakes to the public after the Trio's recent concerts in China.

Give your family or friends a pleasant surprise with this beautiful present.

To order the CD mail to: erasmustrio000@bloomline.net.

Holland Meeting China in Music
Hilversum (NL), Thu, 28. Feb 2008On February 15 2008 Chinese cellist Xiaojia Xu and Dutch pianist Caecilia Boschman gave a concert in Ridderkerk with music by Chinese and Dutch composers.

On February 15 2008 Chinese cellist Xiaojia Xu and Dutch pianist Caecilia Boschman gave a concert in Ridderkerk with music by Chinese and Dutch composers.

In 1999, during the visit of Her Majesty Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands to China, Xiaojia Xu commissioned by World Broadcast Holland organised several Holland Promotion Radio programmes that were broadcasted in 23 major Chinese cities.
In China Xiaojia got two awards for these programmes that were wholly composed by herself. Also the two China tours in 2005 and 2006 by the Amsterdam piano duo Leo van Doeselaar and Wyneke Jordans were a great success, as was also the Chinese tour of the Erasmus Piano Trio of which she is the cellist.

The Chinese public appeared to take great interest in European music. On the other hand Xiaojia has also given a number of interesting concerts in Holland with Chinese music on the programme that attended a great deal of attention. The audience were surprised and full of enthousiasm for the still melodies as well as the virtuosity of the compositions played.
These concerts took place on 8 October 2005 at the Noorderkerk in Amsterdam, where the duo Xu-Boschman was joined by Willem van Baarsen playing the xun and the
hulusi, and on 24 March 2007 in Dordrecht with Xiaojia on the cello and Caecilia at the piano.

The programme of the concert on 15 February in Ridderkerk was as follows:
Julius Röntgen (1855-1932) - Cinq Morceaux
Xu Xiyi - Chinese Lullaby
He Luding - Chinese Lullaby
Chen Lechang - Two folk songs from Taiwan
Sha Hankun - Pastorale
Ding Fuxiang - Folkdance music from Northwest China
Liu Zhuang - Romance
Jing Wentao/Cao Ling - Festival in the mountains of Tianshan

Röntgen's music shows a strong affinity to that of Brahms, but also shows his admiration for Max Reger. By his research into Dutch folk music as well as by his performance thereof he has done a great job, but he let himself be inspired, too, by folk music from other countries, as for instance his compositions on themes and folk melodies from the Scandinavian countries prove. His prolific productivity as a composer is the more remarkable given his many activities as a piano soloist, chamber music player and teacher.

The lullabies of Xu Xiyi and He Luding come from different regions of China.
The folk songs of Chen Lechang come from different regions in Taiwan. They are humorous and vivid in character.
Sha Hankun - Pastorale. A folk song from Mongolia. On the steppe a shepherd sings about the clouds drifting along the blue sky. Under the white clouds a flock of sheep is grazing ...
Ding Fuxiang - Folk dance music from the province of Shaanxi in Northwest China. The music style of this region is free and cheerful. The dance music is generally meant for men only.
Liu Zhuang - Romance. Folk song from Xinjiang, a region in Western China with lots of high mountains and deserts through which the Silk Route goes. The people of Xinjiang love singing and dancing.
Jing Wentao/Cao Ling - Festival in the Tianshan Mountains. Music for the great harvest festival there.

Cello recital in Dordrecht surprises audience
Chinese Music Highly Appreciated
Hilversum (NL), Thu, 29. Mar 2007The recital with Chinese music given by Xiaojia Xu and pianist Caecilia Boschmano in Dordrecht on March 24 2007 found favour with the audience.

On March 24 cellist Xiaojia Xu and pianist Caecilia Boschman gave a very successful recital in Dordrecht on the occasion of Ambassadors' Day of the Cello Festival Dordrecht 2007.
'A beautiful concert with a highly interesting repertoire,' as Chairwoman Dirkje van der Kooy said. On the programme were Chinese compositions based on folk music from several Chinese regions.
The audience were pleasantly surprised with the selection: "Melodies so different from what we are accustomed to in Western music and yet so moving" and "I hadn't expected that the music would be so easily accessible". They moreover were full of praise for the virtuosity and ensemble of the duo.
In February 2008 Xiaojia and Caecilia will perform a special Dutch-Chinese programme in Ridderkerk.

Other articles
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In 'China Nu' 5 (2005) Guido van Oss presents an interesting profile of Xiaojia as performing musician and consultant.
On October 8th a special programme with Chinese music will be played by the Ensemble Xiaojia Xu. The instruments used include the xun and the hulusi.
The Erasmus Trio, settled in The Netherlands since 1995, has Xiaojia Xu for a new cellist.
In magazine 'China nu' no.4 of 2005, Guido van Os presents a portrait of Xiaojia as a musician and a consultant.
Together with pianist Caecilia Boschman Xiaojia is practising a new programme featuring Cello Sonatas by Richard Strauss, Vincent d'Indy and the Dutch composer Julius Röntgen whose work enjoys an increasing popularity in the Netherlands.
Xiaojia Xu has organized new "Dutch Music Weeks On The Air", special theme weeks around music and musicians from The Netherlands are presented, on three of China's most popular radio stations.

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