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Cristina Branco � Portuguese Fado
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Cristina Branco � Portuguese Fado We expect fado to depict the tragedy of human life: the suffering, the melancholy, the impotence we feel when faced with fate. The long tradition of fado has provided several "formulas" for voicing these emotions. The constant repetition is wearing down this wealth of expressive forms. Inevitably, this leads to emotional exploitation, to vocalists smothering their emotions in words.

Cristina Branco has a different approach.

Without resorting to simply breaking with tradition, she restricts herself to the best parts of it. Just listen to some of the "classics" she sings.

Cristina Branco breathes new life into the old tradition with her truly authentic interpretation. She shows great interpretative sensitivity in her singing and seeks to combine the lyrics and the opulent sound of the fado in a perfect blend. She tries to achieve an expressive style that makes music and lyrics seem inseparable.

Cristina Branco sketches with intense delicacy approach to dramatic interpretation: the fragility of the high and clear tones, the intimate expressiveness, the elegant accenting, the languid rhythm with which she maintains the syllables without damaging the diction.

Her voice is filled with the rustling of leaves, with almost breathless whisper, with nostalgia, with clouds passing slowly overhead, with approaching dusk... that is fado...
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