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Muso, bass clarinet
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Muso, bass clarinet About my music

There is a human need for inner silence. When we reach silence we are able to open ourselves to what is. Then we have a receptive mind. This is the fertile domain where from nothing something arises. This is an essential theme in my work.

With my music I intend to bring life to silence and silence to life.
The music bridges East and West. It is, amongst others, influenced by the Zen tradition of Shakuhachi music and creates a meditative musical world of its own in a poetical way.
Its flow is (mainly) based on the natural rhythm of breathing.

I search for, and find, sounds with meaning and expressiveness. These sounds create life energies in colour and movement. With the help of these sounds, silence becomes audible. If there would be only silence we would not recognize it.

Silence may be defined in three ways. First, as real silence: absence of sound. We are almost never able to hear real silence. If we talk about silence we almost never mean absence of sound.
Secondly it can be defined as silence as it comes to our ear. For example, the silence of the forest where we hear the wind through the leaves and bird singing.
Lastly as silence in our experience, i.e. inner silence.

My music takes place on the blurred line between silence as it comes to our ear and inner silence. For me personally it also takes place on the blurred line between inner sounds and my sounds as they appear in the outside world.

My sounds are dreamed: They emanate from my imagination. Their platform is the silence in the room were they are performed. My music is an attempt to harmonize the experience of the dreamed sounds on one hand and the silence as it occurs on the other.

In my music I speak by means of the expressiveness of the sound colours and movements.
When does this expressiveness manifest itself? When the sound from one heart reaches another.

Please listen with an open heart.

Thank you for sharing,


“…With slowly emerging and fading notes Muso draws attention to the deep silence out of which sound is born.”
- Het Parool

"The Music of Muso conjures various images. It can be dark like a foggy forest or it can convey the movement of water emerging from the deep bottom of the sea.
His sounds touch and fulfill the soul in us.
This music has a strong affinity with traditional Zen music"
- Nyosho Jin Shakuhachi master

"In the music of Muso we hear elusive sounds and colours moulding together -constantly changing without beginnings or ends.
We hear silence in all its wonder, awesomeness and depth.
We hear movement, emerging and receding as the waves of the sea.
From the fringe we can listen and look into and beyond the depths of perception, impression and thought"
- Brian Pollard, former solo bassoonist of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

"He starts where we have ended"
- Giora Feidman, “King of Klezmer” clarinet soloist about Muso
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